VIPKID: Getting Started and App Breakdown

Firstly, welcome to VIPKID: one of the most successful and supportive online teaching programs ever to be developed! You are in for a real treat. My name is Teacher Taylor. I’ve been with VIPKID for a short while, but plan to continue this amazing adventure for many years to come! I started with VIPKID in

VIPKID Pay and Incentives

First of all, what’s VIPKID? In a nutshell, it’s only China’s leading English online teaching program known today! It’s the best way for you to connect with young kiddos eager to learn English from your expert English-speaking, energetic self! Basically, VIPKID is the dream job for anyone who is looking for flexible scheduling, ability to

Teaching When I Want, Where I Want: VIPKID

What is VIPKID? VIPKID is an online teaching academy designed to teach Chinese-speaking students living in China how to speak English. VIPKID teachers are hired all throughout the world to teach students how to speak English fluently as they progress through the VIPKID program. As a VIPKID teacher, you teach prepared slides with teaching tips,

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