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Good day, fellow climbers! This page consists of all the climbing areas I’ve personally majorly chuffed, sent, flashed, onsighted, projected, and everything in between. There’s a mix of bouldering, multi-pitch, and sport climbing areas here. It’s constantly being updated as I am continually traveling.

Please click on the photos to learn more about each individual climbing area. Some posts are currently under construction!

Happy climbing.

Rocktown Boulders:
La Fayette, Georgia

Horse Pens 40:
Steele, Alabama

Red River Gorge:
Slade, Kentucky

Diablo, 5.11d

Buttermilk Boulders:
Bishop, California

Devoted Traverse, V5 Buttermilks

Hueco Tanks Bouldering (North Mountain):
Hueco Tanks, Texas

New River Gorge:
Fayetteville, West Virginia

Red Rocks, Kraft Boulders:
Las Vegas, Nevada

Stone Fort (Little Rock City):
Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee

A Face in the Crowd (v7)

The Box Recreational Area:
Socorro, New Mexico

Rumbling Bald:
Asheville, North Carolina

Potrero Chico:
Nuevo-Leon, Mexico (Hidalgo, Mexico)

Ten Sleep:
Ten Sleep, Wyoming

Spearfish Canyon:
Spearfish, South Dakota

4 Replies to “Climbing Destinations in North America”

  1. Don’t really climb much anymore. I’ve lived out west for a long time now, skiing, triathlon racing and backpacking in the mountains have been my thing lately. I miss those fun days hanging out at the crag with all my good friends!

    1. Well it’s good to hear that you’re still out there enjoying all that nature has to offer in some form or another. There’s plenty to keep you busy out west, that’s for sure! But, yes. Climbing does seem to always have this wonderful community that makes you feel welcome. That’s one of the things I love about climbing: no matter where we climb, there’s always awesome people! Happy traveling!

    1. Haha wow, that’s awesome! Do you climb much anymore? Lexington is a pretty cool city. I have stopped there for some coffee and to check out a brewery when I have time. I liked the West 6th Brewing Company a lot. Good vibe!

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