5 Reasons to Use Magnet Letters With Kids

Magnets in the Classroom First, allow me to give you some background into who I am: I’m an emotional disturbance intervention specialist, online English teacher, and a person passionate about the lifelong learning of others. My position as an educator has brought on many challenges over the years; one of which was how to incorporate […]

8 of the Best Sci-Fi Audiobooks

Once upon a time, there lived a frequent traveler who loved to rock climb. She needed to find things that would keep her alert and her mind occupied on her long drives to wherever she was heading. Then, one day, a friend recommended something that changed her world: audiobooks. The traveling rock climber (A.K.A. Teacher […]

The Best Coffee In Indianapolis!

I drink coffee. If I could marry it, I totally would. Okay; probably not. Instead, I’ll settle for that giddy delight I get whenever I visit Coat Check Coffee in Indianapolis. I used to live in Indianapolis and visited my fair share of coffee shops around town on the weekends. This one is special, though. […]

Top 10 Playlists on Spotify for a Road Trip

Hey there, fellow Spotify listeners! Do you have an awesome trip coming up? You’ll want to have some stellar tunes to listen to on the road! Music is good for the soul! I’ve compiled a Top Ten Playlists of go-to playlists we listen to while enduring our long drives! I used many of these on […]

Checklist for a Road Trip

Let me first say that the reason for this post is mainly to remind myself what I need to pack so that my travel partner doesn’t give me a look that says, “Really? You forgot to pack it? Anything else that you forgot?” ever again. Mostly because it’s an annoyed one I’d rather avoid and […]

Why Teaching is my Passion

My Calling Education changes lives. It opens doors of opportunity to learners, dreamers, thinkers, believers. Education saves lives. It gives us hope for the future and something to believe in. In my heart is the love and appreciation for all that the learning process represents, all that education has to offer to individuals. I am […]