Teaching myself how to make cocktails

Hello there! So I recently had surgery done which has put me out of the climbing, hiking, and everything in between. So while lying at home, I figured I’d try my hand at cocktail making. I purchased a bartending set to make it official! I have since then learned so much about cocktails, cocktail bar

Special Education: The Real Deal

Special Education How many times a day does a special education teacher receive such a comment in response to explaining what they do on a daily basis: “Oh, my! You have to be a special person to take that job,” “Isn’t that a hard job?” “How do you do that everyday?” “Why would you choose

Glimpse Into Who I Am

Hey there. My name is Taylor Stogsdill – no one special. I’m just a woman excited to entice the public with my teaching experiences, traveling excursions, rock climbing adventures, and exploration endeavors. Thank you for visiting my page. I am excited to share with you my experiences and tips and tricks I’ve found to be

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