A Glimpse Into Who I Am

Hey there. My name is Taylor Stogsdill – no one special. I’m just a woman excited to entice the public with my teaching experiences, traveling excursions, rock climbing adventures, and exploration endeavors. Thank you for visiting my page. I am excited to share with you my experiences and tips and tricks I’ve found to be rather helpful along the way. 

A little about me: I am an elementary teacher who believes in people. I am a rock climber with aspirations and goals I am working towards. I am a traveler with destinations in mind and an explorer awaiting to learn more about life through my experiences. I believe that we learn through experience and the best way I can reflect on my knowledge is by sharing it with others. 

Hobbies of mine

Oh, I’ve got a few. I’ll just list a few here. Feel free to comment and ask about other hobbies I may or may not engage in. Also, if you have questions about anything about me, don’t hesitate to leave a comment! I’ll respond in a timely manner. Teach on, climb on!

Well, there’s rock climbing. My all time two favorite places – so far – to climb at are the Red River Gorge and Bishop, California. The Red is like my second home; it’s where everything that is good in my life began. The Red is where I find friendship, support, growth, confidence, entertainment, and pure joyous satisfaction. I’ve only been to Bishop one time, but after that visit in January 2019, I have been itching to repeat this experience! The views were miraculous; the climbing was so uniquely amazing. So, rock climbing is a hobby of mine.

I also enjoy reading and listening to audiobooks. If you’re in a car for hours and hours and hours… you’ll want something to do to occupy your brain. This is where we discovered our interest in audiobooks. It is such a cool hobby to have picked up! We even download some audiobooks for free through my local public library app. How rad is that? I enjoy reading about: education, special education, the brain, mysteries, narrative fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy. Yes, a wide range. Rule of thumb with books for me: if it’s got my interest, the genre doesn’t really matter to me. I’ll read ’em til I lose interest, and that really only always happens when I attempt to read books with slow beginnings, non-climbing related magazines, really dry non-fiction texts, or the dictionary (ha!).

The most recent hobby I have picked up is mixology. I am trying my hand at making cocktails! I even purchased an at home cocktail bar set, perfect for a beginner. I am experimenting with tequila and bourbon presently. But in the near future, I hope to experiment more with other types of spirits so I can become more adept with other spirits. I am close-ish to making a great-tasting Old Fashioned – wish me luck! Send over some good vibes to my cocktail set for me. Margaritas are easy because I’ve been making those for myself for a while now. This is true evidence that practice does make perfect. I’ll get better over time, I suppose. They’re not perfect because there’s always a better margarita out there, but I can confidently and efficiently create a refreshing margarita without looking at a recipe 🙂

Teaching is and always will be near and dear to my heart. I find teaching to be a hobby as well. Despite the fact that I kinda sorta made it into a short term career for me, I always find that it feels more like a hobby than a job some days. I teach special education, general education, and English as a second language. I am searching for less expensive ways to grow as a professional and acquire more certifications recently. I long to go back to school, but sadly, it’s far too expensive. And we are doing this traveling around the country thing. Online courses were taken into consideration, but I’d rather not. I want to be in the classroom and interact with people face-to-face. Maybe some day, just not this year! But, I feel that I am growing as professional and individual more and more with the experiences I am enduring through my English as a second language gig. So that’s something to celebrate! There’s always a way to grow and opportunities to learn something new – it just might not be in the way you were expecting.

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    1. Hey there! Of course – your blog is great! Good work!
      Are there cocktails or go-to spirits that you particularly enjoy? Tequila and rum are the primary spirits we use in the house for me to make cocktails with. But, as mentioned in this post, I would like to start branching out and trying new things! Just need some suggestions…

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