One Day Visit in Arches National Park

I was overcome and frankly in disbelief that such a place like Arches National Park could exist! My one day visit to Arches National Park blew me away with its overwhelmingly immaculate rock features, arches, windows, and trails; it was unlike any other place I’ve seen in the United States.

Arches National Park was easy to navigate, and totally possible to sightsee in one full day! I was very pleased by our adventures at Arches. We drove, hiked, picnicked, and were continuosuly in awe of the beauty we found there.

Here are some stops that you MUST make time for during your visit to Arches National Park:

Things to do at Arches National Park

DestinationDriving Distance from Visitor CenterDriving TimeHiking TimeHiking Difficulty
Balanced Rock9.2 miles20 minutes~20 minutes (0.5 miles)Easy
North and South Windows12 miles30 minutes~1.5 hours (1.2 miles)Easy
Double Arch12 miles35 minutes~1 hour (0.8 miles)Easy
Delicate Arch14.2 miles35-40 minutes~2 hours (3.1 miles)Moderate-Hard
Landscape Arch18 miles45 minutes~45 - 60 minutes (1.56 miles)Easy

Fun Facts About Arches National Park

#1 The entry fee is affordable!

The individual entry fee is $10 which is renewable for up to one week. (bikes, in-person)

The vehicle entry fee is $25 per vehicle, which includes all occupants in said vehicle. This is also a pass that is valid for up to one week. So, load up the van and get psyched for a family road trip!

If you have a National Parks pass (like we do), don’t forget to show your pass off to the lovely people at the entrance so you can get in for free! If you don’t have a National Parks pass and visit national parks often (like we do), please consider investing in one! It’s $80 per year.

#2 Arches National Park is more than 40 years old!

Arches National Park was founded as a national park on November 12, 1971. It is – to this day – a park which hosts over a million visitors each year!

#3 The Landscape Arch is the longest arch on the planet!

The Landscape Arch is the longest arch on Earth – measuring at 306 feet long! Locate this architectural gem at the end of the Devils Garden Trail and be prepared to be incredulous by the site!

#4 The tallest arch in the park is 144 feet!

The tallest arch is the south arch, located at the Double Arch trail. This arch stands tall, proud, and magnificent at 144 feet high! It’s a short hike to a long-standing arch in the Windows area.

Arches National Park

Ever been? What did you enjoy the most? If you could go back to Arches, what would you do? Please comment below and share your thoughts! Follow me on insta: teachonclimbon for the latest and greatest adventures of Teacher Taylor!

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