ARB Awning 2500 Review

ARB Awning Pros and Cons

blocks sunlightflimsy
adjustable size and length poles are not very durable
material made of rip stop canvasexpensive
easy installation on vehicleattachments (room with floor, mats, nets, etc.) sold separately
easy set up, especially with two peopleshort people problems make set up difficult (doing it on a 4Runner with a lift!)
UV protectiontoo much rainwater can collapse awning on itself

What is the cost of an ARB Awning 2500?

Amazon sells the ARB Awning for $299.99. It’s a bit expensive, but provides you with some relief from the scorching sun on hot, sunny days!

For the price, it’s a bit over-priced, in my opinion. The installation and set-up is really simple, but goes much more smoothly with two people as opposed to one. The awning includes guy wires, height-adjustable poles, UV protected bag, and the awning made from rip stop canvas.

Do I need an ARB Awning?

Depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something that’s not going to break the bank, $299.99 for this product might not be for you. Especially since I don’t think it should have been this expensive for the product quality.

We like to have it for when we are out in the desert or even traveling in warmer places, but it’s nothing too remarkably great that we cannot live without. The awning provides shelter so that we can stay dry while cooking during light rainfalls. It is also not a bad product to have if you would like to put it up while you enjoy the views of wherever you find yourself around.

How long does it take to set up the ARB Awning 2500?

One of the pros to this awning is that it does not take long to set up at all! You can set it up with just one person, but two people makes the process go more efficiently and smoothly. It took me less than 2 minutes to set the awning up, once I marked the preferred heights on the poles.

With two people, this awning can get set up in just two short minutes or less. Depends on how quickly or slowly you move! It is definitely not a difficult set up.

You unzip the bag, roll out the awning, set the poles, and stake down the guy wires.

How can it be used?

As stated before, our primary uses are:

  1. Stay dry during light drizzles
  2. Relax and stay cool and shaded during hot, sunny days
  3. Enjoy spectacular views in a shaded spot

Things I need to know before purchasing the awning:

Please take some time to review the cons as well as other resources to determine if the ARB awning is worth the buy for you.

But, here’s what I recommend you consider prior to purchasing the product:

  1. It’s not very durable – the poles are flimsy
  2. Even if you angle the poles so that rainwater can fall, ours gave in and toppled over because the poles are not incredibly sturdy
  3. The cost should be a factor, as it is $299.99

Teacher Taylor Travels’ Opinion

Since we have it, I suppose it’s a nice addition to our 4Runner setup. But, if we needed to get rid of it, I wouldn’t necessarily miss it because we could do without it.

The awning is great to have if you can afford it and find yourself in need of shade and shelter from the sun quite often.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This is my own. If you’ve got an ARB awning, comment below and tell me how you like it!

Thanks for reading! Comment below with questions or suggestions!

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