Petzl Luna Harness Review

The mighty reliable Luna harness in action warming up on Sacriledge (5.10d) at the Arsenal down in the Red River Gorge!

Harness in Action

Bottom line: I need gear that is reliable, comfortable, affordable, and long-lasting for all of my climbing adventures I partake in! I currently use an XS Petzl Women’s Luna harness, and I think it’s decent enough to save my life when I fall. I used to have a Black Diamond Primrose harness. I think I like that one better…

This post is to provide you – the reader – with my thoughts on Petzl’s Women’s Luna harness so that you may decide if this is the right harness for you!

Double check your knots out there, guys! Happy climbing.

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Petzl Women's Luna Harness

safe and catches falls nicelyleg loops very uncomfortable if you're hang-doggin'
adjustable legsIt's heavier than other harnesses of its brand, but it's still light. The weight doesn't bother me, but it might bug you.
adjustable waistexpensive
3 large gear loops great for cleaning gear and draws If the waist is tightened all the way, it's a pain to get through the safety loops.
support and comfort in waist
small loops in back difficult to reach
loops for ice clipperslarge loop in back center difficult to reach

My Personal Experience

The Petzl Luna harness is great – don’t get me wrong. It’s durable, secure, and has enough loops for my gear. I have had this harness long enough that it’s taken whippers, small falls, and pumped out takes. This harness is very durable for sure. Overall, I’d give it a solid 7 out of 10.

The Good Vibes

I like this harness when I’m in a sending mood. It’s perfect for warm ups and for routes you won’t be on for too long. Not that it’s relevant to how the harness performs, but if you’re into purple, they have a purple Luna harness 🙂

The Petzl Luna harness, as I mentioned before, is very durable! It even feels sturdy on. It also allots enough loops to haul all the gear you want to haul up to your heart’s desire. There are a total of five loops on the harness: 3 large, 2 small.

The harness waist and legs are adjustable, which is very nice! I’ve heard if you’re more curvy, it sits more at your hips than your waist. For me, it sits quite comfortable above my hip bones. It provides plenty of back support with the cushion that’s manufactured around the waist.

Why I’m Not a Raving Fan

Honestly, what I do not like most about it is the leg loops. They’re quite uncomfortable. If I’m pumped and need to hang a minute, the harness makes me not want to hang there more than a couple of minutes before I start fidgeting. The leg loops don’t offer too much comfort when all your weight is coming down onto the harness.

The second thing I have not enjoyed about it is that the loops towards the back are slightly out of reach or just difficult to access. My set up is to put my draws on the front two loops on my sides. Then I clip my carabiners from my cleaning gear set up to either side on the back loops. They’re slightly out of reach, but I don’t struggle all that much to get them on and off my loops when I’m at the anchors.

If you ask me, for the price I paid, I don’t think the leg loop discomfort and difficult navigation to loops further back were worth the price. For my next harness, I think I’ll switch back to my Black Diamond Primrose. But seriously, Petzl Luna harness is still quite good! It’s just not my first choice.

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Is the Petzl Luna Harness for you?

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