5 Things to do at La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove, California

La Jolla Cove is located in San Diego, California. It has quite an interesting history and provides visitors with an enjoyable experience!

Once you get past the overwhelming smell of sea lions and birds, its actually quite a charming little beach to visit. It’s accessible, offers a viewing area, and provides an entertaining experience.

We didn’t even explore all of La Jolla, but found that our time spent there was worth the trip! La Jolla Cove is a very popular place to hang out and get up close with wildlife. That said, please be respectful, clean up after yourself, and share the cove with the sea lions.


I found that it can be a tad difficult to find parking spaces, especially on nice days when everyone is trying to get their beach on! Try to find parking along the shoreline. I’ve learned that the best places to find parking are anywhere between the Cove Store and Pearl Street.

I have not parked at La Jolla Recreation Center, but you can park there for up to 4 hours.


Please be respectful of their space. Try to maintain your distance to the best of your ability.

It was such a pleasure to share the cove with the sea lion friends! They are such a thrill to observe. Sea lions are truly magnificent marine animals. I was able to swim near them and we all kept our distance. It was such a pleasurable experience for me; although I wasn’t close enough to touch a sea lion (not advised by any means), I still felt like we were all swimming together. Only, they were swimming far more gracefully than I ever could.

What you should know about the sea lions

Well, they’re almost always there. They love to sunbathe here! Interestingly enough, once you walk up a set of stairs and down into the other side of this cozy cove, you’ll suddenly be surrounded by tons of sea lions basking in the sun! It’s quite an amazing scene.

Please be advised that although they may appear to be irresistible to approach, they can bite or lunge at you should they feel threatened. Remember, they’re in the wild. If they feel vulnerable due to your unnecessary proximity, the sea lions will do what they feel is necessary to protect themselves. Please be careful.

Should you find that a sea lion is accidentally injured or harmed, please call for help. Don’t try to assist, as your thoughtful attempts may not be the best way to handle the situation. You can call SeaWorld San Diego┬«. The marine mammal rescue number is (800) 541-7325. They are trained and can support you!

They’re awesome, right? Don’t forget to respect their space.

#2 Snorkel!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Yes! You can snorkel here. Bring your own gear, or rent some by clicking the button above! If you’re having reservations because you’re not fully equipped for a snorkel adventure, let me put your mind at ease: nearby shops rent out all the gear you’ll need to have an amazing snorkeling experience at La Jolla Cove.

Here are some things you can rent:

  1. Wetsuit
  2. Snorkel
  3. Mask
  4. Flippers

Where do you snorkel at La Jolla Cove?

There are a few options for anyone wanting to snorkel. Many people snorkel in the immediate cove area, which is the rockier section of the cove. You can also snorkel at two other areas: south of the cove and along the caves further north. The area south of the cove can be found near where you see kelp beds.

Regardless of where you choose to explore the waters, I’m sure it will be a splendid time! Gear up and let’s go!


Bring a chair, beach towel, sun screen, sun glasses, and a nice book.

Prepare to enjoy a relaxing afternoon anywhere along the cove! There’s plenty of room for you to hangout and soak up the sun.

Oh, and prepare for some sea lions! They are nearly always there. Unless it’s raining, expect to see the precious sea lions joining you for your beach time. I’ve heard that around lunchtime, many set out to catch them some fish… so if you want to increase the chances of running into less sea lions, you may want to arrange some time to visit the cove around lunchtime.


He’s looking at the camera… I’m looking at the sea lions!

What should I do?

  1. Underwater Park
  2. La Jolla Cove
  3. The Children’s Pool
  4. Shell Beach

There’s always golfing.

So, if you’re visiting La Jolla Cove, you’re actually not too far from Torrey Pines. This is great news for golfers, as there is a Torrey Pines Golf Course nearby should you find yourself itching to yell, “FOUR!”

Choosing to hangout at the cove? Perfect! There are accessible sets of stairs to get you to and from easily. There are also some benches and such to sit at while you enjoy the view of the Pacific from the cove viewing area.

#5 Kayak

Photo by sergio souza on Pexels.com

Very similar to the snorkel deal: there are rental shops that can hook you up with all the gear you need to explore La Jolla by kayaking! It’s such a brilliant opportunity to see La Jolla. The best area to kayak and to view the sea lions from the water is to kayak the Underwater Park. Personally, I have not kayked in La Jolla Cove, but this area is all the rave!

My research informs me that you’re going to have so many wonderful opportunities to observe some awesome marine life!

Please visit any of these sites for more information to kayak at the Underwater Park:

Let’s GO!

Be safe. Have fun.

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