5 Reasons To Listen to Audiobooks

There’s an App for That!

First, before I get into all my reasons why audiobooks rock, let me set you up with the tools for success!

Question: do you have an app downloaded that connects you to audiobooks?

“Yes,” you say? Well, please comment on this post below to share which app(s) you use to indulge in the world of audiobooks! We’d love to hear how you access your books!

“No,” you say? Let me help! Here are a couple of resources I utilize which allow me to listen to audiobooks.

  1. Libby app – free!
  2. Audible – not free!
  3. Public libraries (physical audiobooks, most are on CDs) – free (with library card)!
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Ready, Set, Listen!

#1: Listen From Anywhere


My favorite place to listen to my audiobooks is in the car on road trips. If you’re in the car for extended amounts of time, a good story to captivate your attention makes time fly by!

#2: Good for the Brain

If you’re into the science behind the benefits of reading and listening to books, click here for more detailed information! I, myself, am rather fond of understanding the benefits of reading… I’m a teacher after all!

If you’re like, “nah, I just wanna listen,” here’s a brief description on why listening to and reading books is good for the brain and the soul:

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#3: Just Listen. It’s Easy!

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Here are some prime examples as to why this is a relevant reason to listen to audiobooks:

  1. It’s perfect for travel! Substitute your music playing in your car for a good story.
  2. Finding it hard to be motivated to sit down and open up a book? Just press play on the device and LISTEN. No book necessary.
  3. If you’re need to be up and about but would love to enjoy a good story while moving around.
  4. Always been a slow reader who struggles with comprehension? Try an audiobook. All you gotta do is listen and visualize what you hear!

#4: Audiobooks are game-changers

I’m gonna wear my teacher hat for a hot second. Get ready!

Audiobooks are game changers for readers all over the world!

Improving comprehension skills are very difficult for many students and adults. Remember when you were tested to determine if your reading level was on grade level or not in grade school? Well, you should never stop reading or testing your comprehension abilities! There’s always room for improvement.

As you become a more adept reader when you’re an adult, the pace at which your comprehension improves is based on the goals you set for yourself. Now, you’ve probably got the basics of comprehension down, but you need to push yourself to think more critically and analytically about the story.

Audiobooks offer a unique support for readers: it eliminates the need to read the words on the pages. For readers who face the challenge with reading fluency, this is a game changer! It also supports readers who are very fluent in reading but lack the ability to think critically about what they have just read.

Don’t give up on reading, especially if you have yet to give audiobooks a chance!

#5: You Can’t Lose an Audiobook

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Now, the only rebuttal to this fact is that one might be silly enough to misplace either the headphones or the device that the audiobook is being played from…Well, don’t lose anything! Headphones are valuable these days, and so are the devices we use on a daily basis.

Books, however, get misplaced quite frequently. It’s happened to me all too often: my library book is due; I search heaven and hell; I can’t find it; now it’s overdue! So, I return the book and pay an overdue fee. Who wants to do that?

Life’s more simple with audiobooks.

Happy listening!

Comment below to share which audiobooks are your favorite to listen to, where you most frequently listen, and how you get access to audiobooks!

Thank you!


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