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Literally questions that are frequently asked with answers that are frequently appreciated. Happy teaching!

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Hello Teacher Taylor. I have some questions for you… firstly, how much do I get paid?

Hey there! I’m glad I can be of some assistance. Great question! Please click here to learn more about payments.

What is a TESOL course? Is it required for me to take it before I can teach classes?

TESOL stands for: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. This certification is required prior to being allowed to schedule classes to teach through VIPKID. Don’t worry, though! The training is very educational! You can take the quizzes as many times as you need to in order to pass. Best of luck to you!

How long did it take you to finish the TESOL certifications?

Ha… uhm… a while! Maybe 4-5 hours or so? There’s a lot of reading involved. I took some notes on things I hadn’t learned before. Friendly advice: leave some of the articles open for you to reference to later. Don’t feel like you need to memorize EVERYTHING.

When is the best time to schedule classes to guarantee bookings for a new teacher?

The best chances at getting booked are:
Monday-Friday, 6:00 PM-10:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 AM-10:00 PM

Now, the time frames above are BEIJING times. Determine what time it is for YOU in YOUR time zone according to what time it is in China.
Example: I live in EST (Eastern Standard Time). If it is 6:00 PM in China on a Monday, it is 6:00 AM in Ohio on a Tuesday.
Example: I live in PST (Pacific Standard Time). If it is 9:00 AM in China on a Saturday, it is 6:00 PM in California on a Saturday.

Got that? Time is hard, dude.

Do you think I should open availability up for the weekend? Would I get more bookings that way?

HANDS DOWN. YES. Weekends are highly recommended, especially for new teachers. The more slots you have open, the better it looks for parents who are looking for a reliable teacher.

Tip: if you’re level 1 and/or level 2 certified, you can shoot for opening early morning slots during the week for students. Some kiddos who don’t attend elementary school yet might book those times, too!

How do I make a backdrop?

You’ve got a few options…
1. Turn to Pinterest for some ideas!
2. Find my Instagram for an example: teachonclimbon
3. Use random crafty things you have at home (felt, sheet, decals, etc.)
4. YouTube that.

How much planning do you do before your classes?

In the beginning, I did about 10-15 minutes worth of planning, reviewing slides, and getting props ready before all of my classes began. I didn’t have many props, so I’d spend some time making them or finding things around that house that were suitable.

Now, however, I spend no more than 2 minutes of prep time. Those 2 minutes are to make sure my Wifi connection is secure and to connect my headphones to the laptop.

I promise, once you teach about 10 classes or so, you’ll get into a good rhythm and become more confident in the structure and flow of the lessons.

Okay, great. Speaking of props – since it seems like you spent a lot of time making your own – which props would you recommend I have at my disposal?

I’m so glad you asked! I asked the same question when I first started. Click here to find out more about props you should have in your VIPKID classroom!

Will I know which lesson I am teaching before I teach the class? How much time will I have to review the lesson?

VIPKID is great about supporting its teachers. That said, as soon as a class has been booked by the parent, you’ll have instantaenous access to that entire lesson. On some rare occasions (if you’re certified in teaching trial classes), you won’t receive any information until right before – if at all.

But ALL major courses for ALL levels, you’ll have access immediately.

Whew! Great news. How do I make my schedule? I make my own, right?

Yes, you are in charge of your own schedule. Making it is rather simple, actually. Click here to learn how to go about opening up slots!

Tip: Parents like to see consistency in your time slots. I always book AT LEAST two weeks out.

Tip: If you have a time slot open, expect it to be booked. In other words, if it’s open, make sure you’re 100% available for that time. Cancelling classes once they’re booked affects your contract.

What if I need to cancel a class if it’s already been booked? Like in an emergency or something?

Totally factual: life does happen. Emergencies are a thing, for sure. VIPKID know this and understands that we all have lives. So, you can cancel up to 6 classes per contract (6 month contracts). It can affect your raises once you get to the point of being eligible for a raise, so don’t cancel unless it truly is an emergency.

What resources are at my disposal for support with VIPKID?

TONS! VIPKID has many supports in place:

1. Support Center in VIPKID app
2. Fireman (always on call during your classes to troubleshoot IT problems)
3. Facebook group pages composed of REAL VIPKID teachers

4. Blogs and forums such as this one
5. Mentor teacher while you are undergoing the training process and your mock classes
6. FREE VIPKID teacher workshops which cover a myriad of topics you may be seeking support with


I taught my first few classes! They went very well. Do I ask parents for apple feedback on the classes I taught? I want to start earning 5 apple feedback.

Awesome! You’re an official VIPKID teacher now 🙂

It’s your call if you want to put in your feedback to request that they give you some feedback.

If it’s with my regular students, I usually ask them and/or the parents at the end or in my feedback I submit to them. But, usually, I don’t.

An organic way to receive feedback is to send little cards and notes to your students you taught. It’s a kind gesture, and they’re more likely to do at least one of the two things: book you again and give you apple feedback.

How do I get more certifications so I can increase the chances of getting booked for more classes?

Love this question. For each certification, you’ll submit a ‘mock’ lesson recording of you pretending to teach a student at that level. Much like your on-boarding experience, but less extensive.

Follow these steps to learn more:
1. Open VIPKID app
2. Hover over ‘Resources’ tab
3. Click on ‘Certification’
4. Find ‘Major Course’ tab
5. Click on whichever level you have access to and are interested in learning more about!

Good luck.

Best of luck! #teachonclimbon #teachertaylortravels

Thanks so much, Teacher Taylor. This info has been very helpful. I feel more comfortable with VIPKID. TTYL.

Of course! No problem! Please comment below if you have a lingering question or would like to share what you think about this thread.

If you’re not yet a VIPKID teacher, click here.

#teachonclimbon #teachertaylortravels

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