8 of the Best Sci-Fi Audiobooks

Once upon a time, there lived a frequent traveler who loved to rock climb. She needed to find things that would keep her alert and her mind occupied on her long drives to wherever she was heading. Then, one day, a friend recommended something that changed her world: audiobooks.

The traveling rock climber (A.K.A. Teacher Taylor) lived happily ever after with her audiobooks.

The end.

I’d like to share some recommendations of amazingly thrilling books that blow your mind.

Science Fiction Is All The Rave!

Earth Unaware,
by Orson Scott Card

This is the first book in The First Formic War series that tells a story of the most important thing that has happened to human existence: first real contact with an alien race. Only this alien race becomes a potentially enormous threat to human existence! Members of different ships in the deeps of the Kuiper Belt (beyond Pluto) must work together despite their differences to learn all they can about the alien species. Can the people in space overcome such a challenge while also trying to keep up with the normal upkeep and demands of a ship that deep in space?

Earth Afire,
by Orson Scott Card

Well, the series continues with the journey of trying to save Earth from an inevitable invasion. Now that they know more about the formic species and can hypothesize with near certainty the species’ intentions, the people of Earth must move swiftly and efficiently in order to preserve the human race. The humans must band together and dig deep than ever to muster up the strength and courage required stop what is happening to Earth.

Earth Awakens,
by Orson Scott Card

(currently reading…)

Red Rising,
by Pierce Brown

Founded on a color-based social hierarchy, sixteen-year-old Darrow, a fellow Red member whose class is the lowest in the hierarchy, falls subject to oppression, suffering, and loss of loved ones. Golds are the most powerful and physically superior humans who enforce bloody battles, violence, and inequality. Darrow and others work together to overcome all that is wrong with their society. Oppression, resistance, and war: can Darrow accomplish the seemingly impossible task of climbing out from the depths of the Reds?

You’re Going to Mars!,
by Rob Dicks

This enticing novel is told from the perspective of a hard-working Fill City One citizen who has the grubbiest job of being a Filler. She has been dreaming for as long as she can remember of going to Mars! The only way she’s getting there, though, is to somehow win a Red Scarab to get her a ticket on Zach Larson’s crazy stupid reality show that has promised to take people on a trip to Mars. Can she be one of the lucky winners? It’s 2085, and still no human has yet to step a foot on Mars… there’s a reason… a dangerous reason… one people are willing to kill for!

Commune, Book 1,
by Joshua Gayou

A group of survivors must adapt to a primitive, hostile, apocalyptic world; if they don’t they’ll most definitely die. As these survivors ban together and begin to take on new roles that they had never once dreamed of accepting, they must decide how far they are willing to go in order to continue on with the new life that Earth is shaping out to be. Is survival worth all of the challenges and risks the survivors face?

Commune, Book 2,
by Joshua Gayou

Next, you learn they need to ban together even tighter and closer than they had been before. They’ve really got to get it into gear: what kind of world do they want to build? As they’ve learned to settle and survive in the unforgiving mountains of Wyoming, they’ve come to fight for their piece of land day by day. This nearly empty world seems to be smaller than they think… Will they be strong enough to hold it all together for the sake of a thriving future?

Stranger in a Strange Land,
by Robert A. Heinlein

Absolutely LOVE this classic sci-fi novel! The story unfolds as we learn more and more about a human who was raised on Mars who comes to Earth when he is older. He faces the challenges of assimilation and needs to learn about customs in relation to: sex, death, religion, money, and relationships. It’s a brilliant novel that will have you thinking deeply about your own life, societal norms, and current public relational concerns the entire time!

Audiobooks are Fun, Not Boring

Wanna learn why audibooks are worth your time? I found that this article was very appealing to read. Give it a shot!

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There’s only one thing left to do: I formally welcome you to the world of audiobooks! Welcome, friends! It’s a wonderful world.

Happy listening!

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