The Best Coffee In Indianapolis!

I drink coffee. If I could marry it, I totally would. Okay; probably not. Instead, I’ll settle for that giddy delight I get whenever I visit Coat Check Coffee in Indianapolis.

I used to live in Indianapolis and visited my fair share of coffee shops around town on the weekends. This one is special, though. Coat Check is the only coffee place in Indiana (and most everywhere else I’ve lived and visited) that serves a pistachio latte. It’s a hidden gem! Indy locals: what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Teacher Taylor Travels Honest Opinions

By the way, I am receiving no monetary benefit to this post. Everything I am saying about this place is truthful and based on my many experiences ordering coffee and hanging out at this establishment!

Best Coffee in Indianapolis

Once you enter through the main entrance, you’ll be greeted by a vintage ticket booth. To the left, you’ll soon enter Coat Check. The stairs leading up to the front counter are remarkable and no doubt offer a historic feel in a quickly developing city. They reminded me of an old theater of sorts.

Coat Check is cool. It’s where all the cool kids go! The vibe is pretty chill and the space is very roomy. You’ll find outlets for chargers, people with their laptops, and others huddled together in comfortable seating enjoying good conversation over excellently brewed coffee by hospitable baristas.

Free Wifi

It’s true! There are little paper tents on nearly every table that advertises free wifi and provides those of you wanting to connect with the wifi password. Or you could just walk up and ask a friendly barista for the password. They are super nice and approachable.

What makes it cool?

Picture an open space well lit with plenty of natural lighting shining in from the windows. The entire place has this open, relaxing vibe to it that makes you feel like you should stay for a while. You’ll be greeted by some awesome staff who always delivers warm smiles and fresh coffee orders.

There is preferential seating there! The expected wooden chairs, of course. But cool and comfy chairs with back support! There are also benches along the window sill that will allow you to overlook the corner of Michigan and Mass Ave while sipping on your bean water.

The overall atmosphere is chill and filled with lots of different people: college students, people who work relatively in the area on a coffee break, business men and women conducting meetings, etc. If you’re a human who likes coffee, you’ll fit right in! If you’ve got a cool and friendly dog, bring him or her along, too! Dogs on leashes are welcome.

Oh, and there is a printer there, too. If you need to print something off for whatever reason the printer is pretty simple to use. Instructions are straightforward.

What is Coat Check Coffee near?

Like I said earlier, it is in a the landmark Athenaeum building shared with other businesses. You’ll find the YMCA and the Rathskeller in the well-kept historical building. Parking is easy to find, but it costs money. Pay at the meters. I suggest parking on Michigan or on Mass (if you’re lucky enough to snag a spot along Mass!).

Coat Check Coffee is in a primo spot downtown. It’s just off the famous strip of Mass Ave (Massachusetts Avenue). It’s around some quaint and privately owned stores and shops; the only ice cream place nearby; a cozy jazz bar (Chatterbox); and the Cultural Trail that people frequently bike and walk along. If you’re in this area, Coat Check is most definitely worth a stop. The detour is totally worth it.

What coffee would I recommend?

Hands down: pistachio latte.

Take a look at the menu

You can’t go wrong with a pistachio latte #teachonclimbon

What food would you recommend?

Well, they primarily sell macrons and croissants. But I definitely recommend any of their macrons or the chocolate croissant. Honestly, I usually don’t indulge myself in such a luxurious treat from the bakery because it’s far too expensive. But you do you!

Cheers! Check out Coat Check!

When you share your experience at Coat Check Coffee in Indianapolis on social media, add this hashtag to your post: #teachonclimbon. I’d love to see what you decided to order and how you’re liking my favorite coffee place ever!


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