Review of prAna Briann pants, honest and true

Briann Pants by prAna:

Please fit. Please fit. PLEASE FIT. YES! THEY FIT. How much? NOPE. Back on the rack…

How many of you had this same conversation with yourself whilst looking for a good pair of pants you can walk in, climb in, hike in, and feel confident in? How many of you are SHORT like me and have a celebration when you finally find a pair of pants that fit in both the waist and legs? Welcome to the club, my friends! I have the most difficult time finding pants, such a difficult time that I decided to write a post celebrating the fact that I FINALLY discovered a pair of pants I am extremely satisfied with!

Ladies and gentlemen might I present to you: prAna Briann pants. I got them in a short size, and they fit just right! I am just about 5 feet tall, by the way.

What’s the Scoop?

Here’s the scoop. The honest and real truth. Teacher Taylor Travels recommends these pants to any female who is challenged beyond what is necessary to find a comfortable, reliable, and affordable pair of pants to do her thing in! The Briann pants are stretchy, comfortable, made of long-lasting fabric, and allow for freedom to move around – on the rock and off!

prAna Briann Pant Coal Women's

Why Do I Like These Pants?

  1. Comfort all around! I don’t feel like I’m confined or restricted just because they’re a pair of pants. The material supports me and doesn’t make it seem like it’s an uncomfortable experience to have to wear the pants in the car on long road trips or whatever it is you’ll find yourself doing for a long period of time.
  2. They’re not too long, and they’re not too big. They’re juuust right! I don’t know about you, but its nearly impossible for me to find pants that fit my skinny waist, muscular thighs, and length of my short person legs… But I promise these meet all the criteria for me!
  3. Surprisingly enough, the Briann pants were reasonably priced for prAna clothing! Yes pants – especially prAna and brands alike – are a hefty price. But these were actually not too bad, priced at $79.00. These will last quite a while and made of quality-fabric. It’s worth every hard-earned dollar.
  4. I can utilize the pockets! Okay. How unfair is it that the guys’ pants always seem to have pockets that are ACTUALLY pockets? Anyone? Yeah. I thought so. Ladies, these pockets are of use to us. Your phone, money, little wallet – hell stick a carabiner in there for later! – will fit nicely in EVERY pocket you’ll find on these Briann pants.
  5. Layer up! Since the pants are made up of stretchy fabric, I can wear a base layer underneath when the weather calls for it. And I still don’t feel confined or restricted in my movement with the base layer on!
  6. The pants let me move freely, climb, and hike without feeling like I’m suffocating. Goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway): I kept the $79.00 pair of pants because I can actually MOVE in them. I can CLIMB. I can HIKE. I can just sit in the car all day as we drive to our next destination of exploration. Enough said.

Where Can I Purchase the Pants?

I have provided you with a link here for your convenience. It is an affiliate link. This means that should you decide to make this purchase, I may receive a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you.

My review of these pants have been honest and true. Please comment and let me know how you like your pair of Briann pants! Questions? Ask them below!

prAna Briann Pant Moonrock Women’s

Update 6/8/19:

I just bought another pair, different color though! My lovely pants I am going to send some hard routes in will be here on 6/18/2019!!! YAY! Buy yours by clicking here now before I buy ’em all up 🙂

prAna Briann Pant Coal Women's

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